My favourite topics!

Doing our homework – As translators I believe that we must absolutely research the subject we translate about

CAT tools – Computer-aided translation tools, mainly SDL Trados/Studio and memoQ (you will soon discover I am a massive memoQ fan)

French grammar – I believe in Le Bon Usage and I really struggle to understand all translators do not have a copy of the new Grevisse on their desk

Grammar- and spellcheckers – There’s a tool out there that you’ll hear me banging about, and it’s called Antidote by Druide

Technology – One of the amazing aspects of this job is that we can do it anywhere on earth as long as we have a small computer or tablet and a decent Internet connection

Machine translation – Hate it or love it?

So more about all this in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, take care!